Top 5 Best Organic Crib mattresses 100% Natural and Organic

Many parents do not know what qualities the best organic crib mattress should have and why to buy an organic crib mattress rather than an ordinary crib mattress. As most of the crib mattresses contain toxic materials and those can really harm your baby’s health. As babies spend their most of their time in mattress and breathe in it. If there are toxic chemicals in a mattress, it may get you and your baby in trouble.

Remember there are countless mattresses in the market claiming organic and non toxic but in fact they are toxic one. They are using some alternatives of toxic fire retardants. Alternatives of main fire retardants are not yet tested it may take couple of years to prove them harmful and toxic.

Natural wool used in the mattresses has enough fire retardant to pass the safety law. Some companies add additional chemical to increase safety but they are actually making it toxic. If someone is not using these toxic chemicals then they again have PVC covering containing filthy vinyl. So, how to avoid any type of toxic and buy your baby the best organic crib mattress.

How should we define a best organic crib mattress?

A best organic mattress must not contain illegal and toxic fire retardants. If a mattress is using a waterproof covering then it must be of food grade standard, then it is safe. It should be 100% organic means 100% pure cotton. Organic crib mattress must not be using chemical fillings. It must pass all safety tests. Best baby mattress must not be flammable, if it is not flammable then check, if the company is using toxic fire retardants? One might not find it as an easy task to find all these qualities in a single baby crib mattress, so we have researched for you in the market and found the followings.

Naturepedic Organic crib mattress

Top on the list of the best organic crib mattress the naturepedic is itself a brand for the safety it provides to your baby. It contains 100% cotton as its filling and covering.

It has dual function as one side is softer than other, the softer acts as a baby mattress and a little harder for toddler mattress. Naturepadic may save your money for buying an extra mattress for your baby. The mattress is as flammable as any other fire test passed mattress but atleast you can sleep safely knowing that there is no toxic in it.

It uses 100% US grown cotton and USDA certified sources. At least there cannot be any other safer approach than this one.

Colgate Eco Classica

Here is another mattress using organic cotton cover and available in all sizes. It is waterproof and dual firmness crib mattress. Colgate Eco Classica does not use PVC and uses medical grade cover for baby’s health. It has got multiple certifications for being safe as it has no harmful emissions. Eco Classica uses memory foam and it is 6” thick. It is made in USA product.

It weighs only 10 pounds, which is not bad for a crib mattress. If one is not a super mom, she can also change crib sheets on their own. It is very comfortable as it gives no smell as compared to typical mattresses.

Moon slumber dreamer

Moon light slumber litter dreamer is not using any chemical. It is not using fire retardants, phthalates, PVC and other toxic material. It has passed certifications required for standard safety. Antimicrobial protection and can be cleaned with damp sponge. It is waterproof without using PVC. Some other mattresses also claim to be organic but in reality they are not so we have cross checked it completely so that if someone buys it on our recommendation might not get any scam. Its’ stitching are not on front so that if something spills over it don’t get abode on edges.

It has passed Green guard and gold certifications and it is also made in USA product. It is one of trustworthy and reliable organic crib mattress.  After reading all qualities and safety measures moon light little slumber dreamer has taken one can understand why it is in the list of best organic crib mattress.

Sealy soybean foam core

Pure organic crib mattress made up of 100% cotton while it is not. It is healthy non toxic crib mattress. Since your baby spends most of his/her time in the mattress, so why not buy a healthy one which may give him fresh and natural breathe. Sealy soybean uses waterproof cover without PVC and you can change its’ covering. Whenever your baby pees on mattress you just need to change sheet and nothing more. It also has passed greenguard and gold tests. Sealy soybean crib mattress does not use fire and flame retardants and has passed fire safety standards. Your baby can go into deep slumber safely without breathing in toxic materials.

Its’ name is misleading as one might consider it as made up of soybean while it is only 25% and 75% is polyurethane which is not recommended. Company itself accepts the low emission means toxic gases are leeching out of it but in small quantity. Now you can better understand if you should buy it or not. If you ask me for my choice it is not my best choice.

Safety first heavenly dreams

It is also not recommended but I just put it here for people with low budget. It is waterproof firm and side zipped mattress. You can open its zip and wash it out. Heavenly dreams mattress is using PVC covering which stops or contains its smell from coming out. You can buy it online from all these five choices my strongest recommendation is Naturepedic organic crib mattress but it is expensive to buy. Rest is up to you.


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