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best place to buy crib mattress: Best crib and toddler mattress guide

For new parents it is very hard to find the best crib and toddler mattress for that some people try and fail as they don’t know the best place to buy the best crib mattress.

When baby comes out of his crib and gets into toddler bed, expression can be exciting and tiresome for him/ her. However, best crib and toddler mattress beds use the same size mattress as cribs. The transition shouldn’t feel extreme about because you may utilize the mattress which your baby had been sleeping. If you’re shopping for a new mattress, follow the steps given below, you should understand which mattress is good and bad for your toddler’s new bed which will feel comfortable and secure.

How to Choose a Toddler Mattress

Choosing right size of bed

Before buying a crib mattress one must know the actual size of the crib. One can measure the size of the crib by multiple tools. The Precise size of crib will let you know what size of mattress will fit perfectly. If it fits perfectly in the crib there will be no disturbed corners.

Consider mattress materials

Another point to be noted is the materials used in the toddler and crib mattress. Normally mattresses may contain toxic filling in foam mattresses for making it lighter in weight. In an innerspring mattress there are are springs and coils constituting a mattress. In case of organic mattress the material used is pure cotton which give a higher breath ability and safety. Mattresses made up of wool and cotton gives a great amount of warmth, safety and and luxury feelings.

Check for firmness

Whatever mattress  you choose and whatever material it contains, the much needed importance is to be sure if the mattress is gives firmness when pushed down. Firm mattresses are much needed for crib and toddler mattress. A tight, firm and best mattress will surely offer a great support, while your baby is moves to fidgets in the night. There are some dual-sided and convertible mattresses available out there that provide very tight side for your infant and softer side for your toddlers. Many parents are willing to buy a convertible mattresses. It is perfectly fine to let your toddler sleep on the same firm crib mattress they used as an infant.

Buy a mattress sheet


A mattress without sheets is incomplete as due to long uses or sometimes stains compel to remove original sheet. It take some time to wash and dry a sheet in the course another sheet is needed. As without beautiful and safe sheets a mattress for the visuals is not attractive. there are a huge collection of sheets in the market where you can buy all those sheets. You can also buy those online as there is the rush of multiple brands.

Top 5 Best Organic Crib mattresses 100% Natural and Organic

Many parents do not know what qualities the best organic crib mattress should have and why to buy an organic crib mattress rather than an ordinary crib mattress. As most of the crib mattresses contain toxic materials and those can really harm your baby’s health. As babies spend their most of their time in mattress and breathe in it. If there are toxic chemicals in a mattress, it may get you and your baby in trouble.

Remember there are countless mattresses in the market claiming organic and non toxic but in fact they are toxic one. They are using some alternatives of toxic fire retardants. Alternatives of main fire retardants are not yet tested it may take couple of years to prove them harmful and toxic.

Natural wool used in the mattresses has enough fire retardant to pass the safety law. Some companies add additional chemical to increase safety but they are actually making it toxic. If someone is not using these toxic chemicals then they again have PVC covering containing filthy vinyl. So, how to avoid any type of toxic and buy your baby the best organic crib mattress.

How should we define a best organic crib mattress?

A best organic mattress must not contain illegal and toxic fire retardants. If a mattress is using a waterproof covering then it must be of food grade standard, then it is safe. It should be 100% organic means 100% pure cotton. Organic crib mattress must not be using chemical fillings. It must pass all safety tests. Best baby mattress must not be flammable, if it is not flammable then check, if the company is using toxic fire retardants? One might not find it as an easy task to find all these qualities in a single baby crib mattress, so we have researched for you in the market and found the followings.

Naturepedic Organic crib mattress

Top on the list of the best organic crib mattress the naturepedic is itself a brand for the safety it provides to your baby. It contains 100% cotton as its filling and covering.

It has dual function as one side is softer than other, the softer acts as a baby mattress and a little harder for toddler mattress. Naturepadic may save your money for buying an extra mattress for your baby. The mattress is as flammable as any other fire test passed mattress but atleast you can sleep safely knowing that there is no toxic in it.

It uses 100% US grown cotton and USDA certified sources. At least there cannot be any other safer approach than this one.

Colgate Eco Classica

Here is another mattress using organic cotton cover and available in all sizes. It is waterproof and dual firmness crib mattress. Colgate Eco Classica does not use PVC and uses medical grade cover for baby’s health. It has got multiple certifications for being safe as it has no harmful emissions. Eco Classica uses memory foam and it is 6” thick. It is made in USA product.

It weighs only 10 pounds, which is not bad for a crib mattress. If one is not a super mom, she can also change crib sheets on their own. It is very comfortable as it gives no smell as compared to typical mattresses.

Moon slumber dreamer

Moon light slumber litter dreamer is not using any chemical. It is not using fire retardants, phthalates, PVC and other toxic material. It has passed certifications required for standard safety. Antimicrobial protection and can be cleaned with damp sponge. It is waterproof without using PVC. Some other mattresses also claim to be organic but in reality they are not so we have cross checked it completely so that if someone buys it on our recommendation might not get any scam. Its’ stitching are not on front so that if something spills over it don’t get abode on edges.

It has passed Green guard and gold certifications and it is also made in USA product. It is one of trustworthy and reliable organic crib mattress.  After reading all qualities and safety measures moon light little slumber dreamer has taken one can understand why it is in the list of best organic crib mattress.

Sealy soybean foam core

Pure organic crib mattress made up of 100% cotton while it is not. It is healthy non toxic crib mattress. Since your baby spends most of his/her time in the mattress, so why not buy a healthy one which may give him fresh and natural breathe. Sealy soybean uses waterproof cover without PVC and you can change its’ covering. Whenever your baby pees on mattress you just need to change sheet and nothing more. It also has passed greenguard and gold tests. Sealy soybean crib mattress does not use fire and flame retardants and has passed fire safety standards. Your baby can go into deep slumber safely without breathing in toxic materials.

Its’ name is misleading as one might consider it as made up of soybean while it is only 25% and 75% is polyurethane which is not recommended. Company itself accepts the low emission means toxic gases are leeching out of it but in small quantity. Now you can better understand if you should buy it or not. If you ask me for my choice it is not my best choice.

Safety first heavenly dreams

It is also not recommended but I just put it here for people with low budget. It is waterproof firm and side zipped mattress. You can open its zip and wash it out. Heavenly dreams mattress is using PVC covering which stops or contains its smell from coming out. You can buy it online from all these five choices my strongest recommendation is Naturepedic organic crib mattress but it is expensive to buy. Rest is up to you.

A guide to learn which crib mattress to buy

Started thinking about a best baby mattress to buy but don’t which crib mattress to buy and what is called a best baby mattress. How does it make a difference? Your infant will spend his most of the time in that mattress.

You’ll need to ensure if it fits appropriately in your baby’s crib.  You have chosen without crevices that could represent a risk to your child. What’s more, the mattress ought to be firm and tight. A delicate one can fit in with the state of your child’s head, expanding the danger of problem in breathing sudden newborn child demise disorder (SIDS).

Foam and Innerspring Mattress

There are only two types of mattress, both are great quality and will maintain their shape as it is and give superb support to newborn children and babies. There are contrasts, however. you must learn about which crib mattress to buy. Foam mattresses produced using polyurethane and produce lighter weight (around 5-13 pounds) contrasted and an innerspring sleeping cushion (15 -30 pounds). Despite the fact that you’ll presumably be lifting only a corner while washing your infant’s bed covers, it may be somewhat less demanding relating to a foam mattress.

Foam mattress is additionally is not springy and subsequently more averse to be utilized as a trampoline. Innerspring mattresses are well known in U.S., potentially on the grounds that most people consider innersprings, as a good one. But remember most of mattresses contain toxic materials.

Always go after the Quality

Whichever sort of sleeping mattress you pick, always test quality. The cheap foams and innerspring mattress pad have thin covers of vinyl and edgings. It can tear, break, and dry like a dead branch after some time. As costs increment, covers are thicker, cut safe, fortified twofold or triple covers, or fine natural cotton flower. An innerspring mattress which increasingly or steel coils and the better quality padding will measure more. Same is true for a foam mattress that is made of high density and better quality foam.

Yet, you don’t need to spend most of your time in figuring out and understanding which crib mattress to buy. A mattress which costs amongst 100 and 200 dollars will by and large serve your child well. Costs for the foam and the innerspring sleeping cushions are practically identical, running from $60-$400 and more. (The more costly mattresses are of natural cotton or normal latex.) Low-estimated models (under $90) may be too delicate and shaky. Higher-estimated models have a tendency to be tighter and in this manner more secure.

Cover does not reveal everything about the best baby crib mattress to buy

Some mattresses feel extraordinary in the Shops however start to flounder once your child begins to utilize it. We’ve discovered that you can’t rely upon staff and even at legitimate retailer, about giving you exact data. One let us know, convincingly, innerspring sleeping pads were superior to anything foam since foam tends to “separate” following year and a half.

A quarter century back that may be valid, however not any longer. “A top quality  mattress will be of the length of an innerspring mattress with ordinary usage,” says Schuetz, executive of promoting for Colgate Products, a maker in Atlanta. That is on the grounds that foam mattresses have turned out to be substantially stronger.

What to see if you have found a great mattress ?

When you have feeling of choices in various price ranges for the best baby mattress to buy. You ought to visit a shop to see what a crib mattress feels like. A place to begin? The name. Makers are forced by law to uncover what a crib mattress contains. Try not to get one from a retailer that doesn’t let you know this in the store data, shows, or online details. Truth be told, you ought to have the capacity to discover the segments of every layer. Also, when you force down a sleeping pad, your hand ought to spring straight up.

According to Schuetz the greatest mix-up guardians is picking up a sleeping cushion that is agreeable for them. It’s ideal to get a mattress that is more hard than you might have think of it. “On the other hand that it feels great to you, it’s too delicate for your infant,” he says, including that children require support more than grown-ups.

Buy a new one

Answer to which crib mattress to buy is simple. Purchase a new mattress, if you have capacity. It guarantees that the sleeping cushion is sterile. In the event that you purchase an utilized sleeping pad or acknowledge a leftover, you won’t know for beyond any doubt how it watched over or put away. On the other hand you purchase another for your lovely baby and do not make it dirty. You can utilize for next baby while you store the mattress in dry room and it will stay firm.

Use sheets

Washable waterproof bedding sheet are intended to secure the sleeping pad keep the infant’s dozing surroundings as perfect and clean. It can be different under different circumstances.

Test if it fits firmly

By law, a crib mattress pads must be no less than 27 1/4″ inches by 51 5/8″ inches, and close to 6 crawls thick. While you can also shop it in the store that showcases crib matress.

Try not to think About Warranties

A few mattresses offer guarantees for a year, 5 years,  also for lifetime. Try not to think about long guarantee, and don’t pay additional for a sleeping pad with a guarantee. “Guarantees are for the most part a showcasing instrument to allure the buyer to spend more money,” Dennis says. As a rule, you can also consider a quality mattress to keep going insofar as you’re willing to use it the length of the cover doesn’t tear. the best baby crib mattress to buy is the answer to the which crib mattress to buy.

A top rated crib mattress by customer is the top crib mattress

When you have picked the ideal crib for newborn child, a great sleeping matt for baby is required. A Crib Can’t be completed without a top rated crib mattress. Indeed, there is a great problem in finding those top crib mattresses, sleeping mattresses and it is not a child’s play.

That is the reason we’ve made a good list of the TOP crib mattresses for your baby. After searching for the top rated crib mattress and going from one company to the other we’ve short-listed some very good mattresses for your baby and all of them are top rated by customer satisfactions.

All these mattresses shortlist are on the basis of safety standards and some for those who cannot afford expensive mattresses. We have collected these keeping every one’s needs in mind.

Newton crib and toddler bed mattress


So, thou are searching a best baby sleeping pad which is for breathing, protected and toxins free, newton mattress is the bedding you are searching for.


Newton Mattress is the one of the best breathable top rated mattresses available. Newton crib sleeping pad is according to the child’s health standards, safety and solace at the top of the priority list. It permits the child to inhale through it decreasing the danger of SIDS.


Every one will be astounded by the way as it is smell free, and cover is washable in machine. Newton has perfect solidness for a child and in addition baby. Newton crib mattress will provide you true serenity even when your infant crawls on his/her stomach. It feels firm and springy in the meantime. Change the cover sheet when ever you have this sleeping pad is a very easy. The way that it is light- weight makes it simple to pick up out of crib and it gets a decent cozy fit.

The main characteristic of this mattress a bit on the expensive side, yet it is justified, despite all the trouble. The advantages are justified regardless of the cost.

Safety first heavenly dreams


Safety first Heavenly Dreams is also one of top rated crib mattress with multiple certifications make it as a qualified. For those searching for a top crib mattress with no springs or loops and with a great firmness in the meantime, heavenly dreams is the sleeping matt to go after. What improves it is that its cover is also waterproof. It thoroughly shields the sleeping pad from holes. It is additionally conceivable to zip off for a good cleaning purpose. Mattress cover additionally has a decent example for the individuals who cherish them.

Safety first is much less expensive when contrasted with multiple top crib mattresses with same size. Despite the fact that this crib mattress will exactly fit cozily in almost all standard size and little child bed. It turned out the best sleeping matt for infants who have weakly bones and are not completely grown.

Naturepedic organic Mattress for baby crib


Naturepedic is guaranteed top natural sleeping mattress to purchase in 2016. Naturepedic is a first class natural crib sleeping mattress you will surely love to use. The firm side has a name for simple recognizable proof. With regards to its usefulness, you can really wipe off dirty spots from the sheet. It has healthy front and water-proof edges. Naturepedic is the only mattress with which no one can compete. It is also top rated crib mattress. Customer Satisfaction for Naturepedic is very high.

Sealy Soybean Crib Mattress

If someone is willing to purchase a most secure firm and top rated crib mattress. You must to ensure the safety for your child by checking all the materials used and standard tests required to pass. Sealy Soybean froth is a soft crib mattress pad which can also be purchased online. The name soybean does not represent it as 100% made of soybean as it is only 25%.

Sealy Soybean is thought to be one rated for the best newborn child crib mattress available. For the individuals those are expecting their first kid and are searching for a mattress that will longlast and be utilized by their different children, Sealy is the sleeping pad to purchase.

The toxic mattress is additionally an immature decision for any individual who has breathing issues, for example, asthma. The best mattress is completely secured with water proof cover which can be effectively wiped off to evacuate tidy and different allergens.

With regards to sheets, the sleeping cushion is light in its’ weight for simple expulsion from crib and it offers a simple time for washing bed covers.

Colgate Classica

Eco Classica mattress is a completely different organization. This mattress is an undisputed top choice of numerous. It is double sided. One side is firmer while other is less. This makes it adaptable in a little child bed once babies have grown up to their lodging bed. That is a reward in that spot.

The baby side is pleasantly firm. It takes out the likelihood of the sleeping pad sinking because of weight. Eco Classica weighs around 10 lb, which is satisfactory for use in crib mattress. Exchanging the mattress sheets is simple when you have this sleeping pad.

The cover sheet 100% pure natural cotton and the inward piece of Colgate Classica is of plant-based front. It is light in weight and lifting Eco Classica up is not a big deal. A best aspect regarding this sleeping pad is that, it does not smell bad. To top of everything, Eco Classica crib mattress is environment-friendly. It is also one of top rated crib mattress by the customer reviews.

It is 6″ thick. The sheet is waterproof, tear safe and non-unfavorably susceptible. It cleans effortlessly with a sodden material and mellow cleanser. The material restricting guarantees the Colgate mattress is durable. Eco matt fits cozily in all standard-estimate US dens and little child beds. It also passes all the Governmental and global certificates for safety standards.

Best mattress for baby cot vs best baby mattress pad

It is very tiresome practice to search a best baby mattress pad for your infant. Keeping your busy schedule in mind we have collected the best mattress for baby cot or pad for you. Most of these are made of natural cotton and some are of foam containing with artificial materials.We have done our primary research and discovered best baby mattress pad. If you think these might be helpful for you then read below.

Keep Me Dry “Waterproof” Fitted Quilted Crib Pad


Keep Me Dry“Keep Me Dry” is produced using 100% polyester, it has 100 percent vinyl for filling, and its skirt is produced using 100 percent polyester. It is a waterproof bunk sleeping pad mattress. It quantifies 28 x 52 inches. Keep me dry can also be machine washed. It fits over different sizes of beddings. Keep Me Dry Waterproof has a 100 percent waterproof back which shields the bedding from any incident. This crib mattress pad measures 28 x 52 inches and it fits over different cribs and baby sleeping pads. We don’t think it safe and healthy as it contains vinyl and polyster both are highly flammable while vinyl is toxic. If it is not a thing which concerns you then you may buy it.

Natural Waterproof Natural Quilted Fitted Crib and Toddler Bed Mattress

Its front side is 100 percent Cotton and it is produced using 100%quilted fitted mattresspolyester and outer layer from waterproof polyester. Its dimensions are 28″ x 52″ than 9 inches thick sleeping pads.

It can be machine washed in winter water and will give you the same results and never use chlorine powders to remove stains from it. Natural Waterproof Natural Quilted Fitted Crib and Toddler Bed Mattress Cover by American Baby Company is a waterproof stitched sleeping pad mattress cover and it has natural organic cover. It has a center layer which is produced using 100 percent breathable polyester. It quantifies 28 x 52 inches. You can wash it in the machine with cold water and can get same results.

No Compromise Organic Cotton Classic (Lightweight) Crib Mattress by Naturepedic


It is waterproof sleeping best baby mattress pad which counteracts mattress dampness and it can be cleaned effectively. Crib Mattress by Naturepedic gives your beautiful child a characteristic, spotless and health environment and gives a calm rest. It is GREENGUARD Certified to dispose of synthetics. It has won multiple extraordinary honors locally and globally. Naturepedic has very solid trust with specialists and moms around the world. There is no comparison between Naturepedic and other mattresses.

Safety Crib best baby Mattress Pad by Sealysealy mattress

Its cover or sheet is produced using 50 percent cotton and 50 percent polyester, it has 100 percent polyester filling. It is hypo-allergenic tried. It has a profound stashed cotton mix skirt, which keeps any slide or move. Sealy is 100 percent waterproof which is valuable for sleeping mattress security. It can be washed and dried into machine.

Recolor Protection Crib Mattress Pad by Sealy can without much of any stretch fit over different lodging sleeping pads additionally in cribs too. It gives solace to your child. It is 100 percent waterproof which ensures the sleeping pad and you can wash and dry into a machine.

Waterproof Multi Use Pad

Waterproof Multi Use Pad in white shading by Summer Infant. It is Multi Use Padproduced by 100% cotton and It is effectively cleanable. It can be machine washed into warm water.

Waterproof Multi Use Pad in white shading by Summer Infant shields your infant from wetness. You can slice it to make an adaptable fit. It is delicate for extra solace of your child. This sleeping pad bunk mattress is ideal for lodgings, babies, and play yard beddings as it is for multi reason utilize. If it’s not too much trouble wash it before utilizing.

Marvel Mat Breathable Crib Mattress Pad

It is produced using 100 percent polyester and it is a 100 percent Marvel Matbreathable sleeping pad. It is an incredible crib mattress pad to give more solace to your infants. Marvel Mat is demonstrated in the labs as a sheltered sleeping mattress. It can be machine washed.

Supernatural occurrence Mat Breathable best baby Mattress Pad by Dex Baby gives an enhanced solace to your infant. It gives a tranquil rest to them. It is made of breezy layered work which guarantees ventilation and maintains a strategic distance from any sort of overheating for your child. Marvel fits over all standard lodging sleeping mattress. it can be machine washed.

Snoozy Organic Cotton Waterproof Crib Mattress Pad

Snoozy has a 100 percent natural cotton stitched surface and its Snoozy Organic Mattressfilling is pure polyester. It is phthalate free. It has a waterproof polyurethane layer. Snoozy has been tested in research facilities and attested as to give extraordinary assurance against allergen particles.

Snoozy Organic Cotton Waterproof Crib Mattress Pad by Priva is an incredible natural crib mattress with a waterproof layer to ensure bedding. It is has a thin breathable waterproof polyurethane film. It is machine washable.

Tencel Crib Mattress Bed

Tencel MattressTencel is consists of 100 percent Tensel and 100 percent polyester. It gives a 100 percent waterproof security. It doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals. Tencel gives assurance against bugs, insects, dust. It has a delicate finished outline.

Tencel Crib Mattress Bed Bug and Anti Allergen Encasement by My Little Nest is awesome to give you a defensive hindrance over your mattress pad, pests, insects.

What is the safest crib mattress? Read the safe crib mattress guide

Before buying any crib mattress one should know what features the safest crib mattress should have. These features may vary for personal needs, but for the baby’s safety, these are the same.

In this safest crib mattress review, you will come to know each and everything about the safe crib mattress for your baby. This article will guide you for the safety measures for your baby’s health and after reading this you will never buy a toxic shit.

Common materials in most of the crib mattresses are harmful and toxic that might be potentially very threatening to your baby’s health. Some parents know the drawbacks of buying toxic mattresses, so, they always prefer to buy safest crib mattress. There are many crib mattresses in the disguise of safe crib mattress.

As babies sleep or lay the most of time around 14 to 16 hours on the mattress. They are actually directly breathing and absorbing those toxic materials in their body. Due to their fast growth and daily evolution these toxins can affect them greatly. So, one should always try to find a safe crib mattress for their babies.

Toxic crib Mattresses and how to avoid them?

In most of the baby crib mattresses, Polyurethane is found. It is a filling material. It is synthesized from petrochemicals which are highly flammable. While talking to an expert from the textile industry, we came to know that Polyurethane foam/mattress depends upon their processing, as some other chemicals are also added, namely benzene, toluene, and formaldehyde. Some others are also added according to the needs. All of these are toxic shits. Some so called safe mattresses are also using these materials so it is better to avoid them.

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and Phthalate

To make a crib mattress waterproof companies use vinyl chloride and Phthalates. Vinyl chloride in the modern age is the most polluting which is not only harmful to the environment but also for your baby too.  PVC known as a human carcinogen is flammable and might be a safety breach for your baby.

People working in the chemical industry better know that PVC is a hard Plastic and to turn it into soft one some additional chemicals are added. Vinyl chloride is not bound with additional chemicals and those chemicals might effuse as a gas in the room and baby may breathe those toxins. Have you seen those plastic bags when we let them lying in the sunshine, for a long time, what happens to them? They get dry if you squeeze that plastic it will turn to be like an ash. Where its softness has gone? All in the air, and same happens with your baby’s PVC covering, though it is not very fast under room temperature but it exists. Those filthy toxic gases might create problems for you and your baby after some time.

The side effects attached with the plasticizer breath includes the disease given below.

  • Asthma or in severe cases seen by the doctors it is very difficult for the patient to breathe. It happens with sensitive babies.
  • Puberty at early ages which also results in immature behavior in dealings other.
  • Cancer a fatal disease may almighty protect everyone from this disease.
  • Liver damage and kidney damage.

One might think if these are so dangerous then why these are not banned by U.S. government. Actually, Phthalates are banned by U.S but their alternatives are being used under other names. To prove, if these are safe or not, some additional researches are necessary, which may take couple of years. Nobody knows what ratios of these materials in mattresses are safe for their babies. So, it is the best to avoid these materials.

Flammability Standard

Mattresses containing polyurethane foam and PVC are prone to catch fire and will burn immediately if it gets flames. When a mattress gets fire it releases very toxic gases in the air creating environmental issue. United state of America has enacted some strict flammability standards to avoid these gases. But companies are preventing from these gases by adding these toxic materials.

Companies add fire retardant chemical and most known is Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs). It breaks into other chemicals which leech out in the surrounding contaminating pure air in the room. Babies are most prone to these fire retardants in the following ways.

  • Breathing while sleeping.
  • Babies are normally very soft their skin is transparent for some gases means they might absorb toxins via their skin.
  • Dirty household (Toys etc.)

PBDE’s exposure include following health problems

  • Hormonal disruption
  • Learning, memory and recalling problems
  • Mood swings or frequent behavioral changes
  • Suppressed immune system
  • Very slow development or growth
  • Cancer

Some states and other countries have banned these PBDEs. But other fire retardants take their place and for those no data is available.

All mattresses have flame retardants

In U.S. you cannot get a mattress which has not passed fire standards. So, you will definitely get a mattress with fire retardants. Another fire retardant namely TDCPP has been found to change DNA of people under its exposure.

Is there any safest crib mattress in U.S. Market?

Our thorough research could only provide us a single reliable, non toxic and safest crib mattress available in U.S. market and it is non other than Naturepedic organic crib mattress. It uses organic cotton and filling as healthier part. It does not use any toxic material or latex as part of its crib mattress.  Waterproof surface is made up of non toxic materials with a hygiene design. It also passes federal laws of flammability standards without using fire retardants. In addition to using certified materials the naturepadics mattresses passed all Global Safety standards making it safest crib mattress. You can buy it in the local market or Online.